четвъртък, 13 май 2010 г.

365, 40: stress

[от брошура на университетския здравен център, където днес се озовах ненaдейно, придружавайки треперещата J.]

the signs of stress in college:

- problems eating or sleeping
- increased use of alcohol or other drugs
- increased boredom and fatigue; a general sense of "the blahs"
- problem making decisions; increased procrastination
- being anxious and confused over unimportant events
- inability to concentrate, pay attention, or get organized
- weakness, dizziness, and shortness of breath; "anxiety attacks"
- persistent hostile or angry feelings; increased frustration with minor annoyances
- putting yourself or others at risk through risky behavior (such as driving too fast, vandalizing property, or practicing unsafe sex)
- friends repeatedly tell you that you seem stressed out
- difficulty sleeping, oversleeping, nightmares
- overpowering urges to cry or run away
- changes in exercise habits
- frequent head, back, or muscle aches, or tightness in the stomach
- frequent indigestion, diarrhea, or urination
- frequent cold and infections
- frequent accidents and minor injuries

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Албена каза...

Как минаха изпитите? Стискам палци всичко да е било ОК.

Галина каза...

Всичко мина добре, благодаря! :)
Днес ще се разходя с тога и шапка с пискюл ;)