събота, 8 май 2010 г.

365, 39: обещаната

преди два дни история за добрите и лошите новини. От книгата на Benjamin & Rosamund Zander The Art of Possibility.

A young man goes to see his rabbi. "Rabbi," he asks, "you told us a story - something to do with praise?" The rabbi responds, "Yes, it is thus: when you get some good news, you thank the Lord, and when you get some bad news, you praise the Lord." "Of course," replies the man, "I should have remembered. But Rabbi, how do you actually know which is the good news and which is the bad news?" The rabbi smiles. "You are wise, my son. So just to be on the safe side, always thank the Lord."


p.s. а, така като гледам, другата седмица ще има вместо седем две думи.. и те са "final" и "exams"..

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Албена каза...

Много успех!!!

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Благодаря ти, Албена! :)